Fire Dept.
Members of the Winsted Volunteer Fire Department are: front row – Michael Rasmussen, Brady Tormanen, Captain Shaun Bush, Samantha Condon; middle row – Mike Thonvold, Matt Williams, Fire Secretary Justin Hertzog, Ryan Chatterton, Jamie Stender, Gerald Heinen; back row – Captain Troy Scherping, Kyle Thompson, Rose Heimerl, Todd Koch, Charlie Fiecke, Tim Kosek, Captain Brent Mickolichek, Assistant Chief Brian Langenfeld, Assistant Chief Jon Davidson, and Chief Chad Engel. Not pictured – Mike Laxen, Dale Gatz, Tim Purcell, Jim Koch, and Chad Stender.

Winsted Fire and Rescue

By the Winsted Fire Department

The Winsted Volunteer Fire Department serves the city of Winsted, along with Hollywood, Victor, Winsted, and Woodland townships.

The following is a list of activities that the department was involved in during 2013:

• added one new member to the department;

• helped the local schools with Fire Prevention Week;

• hosted the annual spaghetti dinner and pancake breakfast;

• provided fire protection for Winstock;

• purchased a new set of auto extrication equipment, stabilization jacks and cribing, and

• responded to 245 calls in 2013 (193 medicals, 52 fires/


The breakdown is as follows:

- City of Winsted: 196 calls (164 medical, 32 fire/other)

- Winsted Township: 29 calls (21 medical, 8 fire/other)

- Victor Township: 12 calls (4 medical, 8 fire/other)

- Hollywood Township: 4 calls (1 medical, 3 fire/other)

- Woodland Township: 4 calls (3 medical, 1 fire/other)

The Winsted Volunteer Fire Department was formed Dec. 3, 1889. The department’s first truck, a chain-driven Oshkosh, arrived in 1927. In 1944, 33 feet of Meulener’s property was purchased for the construction of Winsted’s first fire station.

Over the years that followed, the bell was replaced by a siren and then by pagers, ambulance service was provided, fire trucks came and went, but one thing has stayed the same over the years – the dedication and devotion of the volunteers who make up the volunteer fire department.

The fire department operates with a roster of up to 30, all volunteer members. Currently, there are 25 members.

Members include: Chief Chad Engel, Asst. Chief Brian Langenfeld, Asst. Chief Jon Davidson, Captain Brent Mickolichek, Captain Shaun Bush, Captain Troy Scherping, Secretary Justin Hertzog, Mike Laxen, Jim Koch, Dale Gatz, Charlie Fiecke, Tim Purcell, Tim Kosek, Chad Stender, Mike Thonvold, Gerald Heinen, Rose Heimerl, Jamie Stender, Brady Tormanen, Todd Koch, Matt Williams, Kyle Thompson, Ryan Chatterton, Michael Rasmussen, and Samantha Condon.

In addition to providing general fire suppression services, the Winsted Volunteer Fire Department also provides fire cause determination, fire prevention services, cold water rescue, auto extrication, hazardous materials response, Skywarn spotters, and Minnesota licensed daycare inspections.

The Winsted Fire Department also operates a first responder service, responding to all medical emergencies within its coverage area. The department operates with state-certified emergency medical technicians, and certified first responders. With an average annual call volume of 245 calls for service, an average of 79 percent of the calls are for medical emergencies.