Winsted's library bigger and better than ever

With a 870-square-foot expansion at the Winsted Public Library, patrons may want to stop in and stay awhile.

“I used to think of it as a drive-through library, where people would pick up their books and leave,” librarian Lisa Ebert said. “Now, people can have a cup of coffee, sit on the couch, and read.”

The expansion was completed shortly after Christmas 2013. In January 2014, the Winsted Library Board was able to obtain free bookshelves, couches, tables, book carts, and other furniture from Webber Park Library in Minneapolis, which was closing.

“Many of their furnishings were not going to be reused within the Hennepin County system, and they allowed us to take as much as we could haul,” said Winsted Library Board Member Julie Guggemos. “The caveat was that we had to do it on Monday, Dec. 16, when their movers and disassemblers were coming in to empty out the building. Basically, whatever was left in the building at the end of the day was going to be bulldozed with the building.”

New spots for books

The library has been rearranged to maximize the new space.

Near the entrance is a kids’ corner, with picture books and room for children to sit and read. Next to the children’s section are books for middle-grade and teenage readers, followed by young adult fiction.

“All the adult fiction and non-fiction is in the back room,” Ebert said, explaining that the new expansion in the back is also a quiet study area.

The space allows for a more open arrangement at the library, and more natural light can be seen from the front windows.

With more room for books, Ebert said the library will be able to keep a larger collection on hand. The amount of new material will stay constant, but old items will not need to be cycled out as quickly. The space will also allow for some additional programming at the library.

Books and more

If a specific book, video, magazine, or audio book you’re looking for isn’t on hand in Winsted, the library can often order it through the Pioneerland Library System.

Patrons can renew or request library materials in person, by phone, or via e-mail.

To borrow from the library, all that’s needed is a Pioneerland Library card. Applications are available at the checkout desk, and the card is ready for use within a few minutes.