Winsted Police Dept.
Members of the Winsted police department include officers Dan Pohl, Justin Heldt, Jim Lammers, and Chief Mike Henrich.

Winsted Police Department

The The Winsted Police Department’s current members include Police Chief Mike Henrich, two full-time police officers (Justin Heldt and Dan Pohl), and one part-time police officer (Jim Lammers) who works 3⁄4 time.

The Department is located at Winsted’s City Hall at 201 First Street North.

In addition to office space at city hall, the department has an interview room where people can report crimes or be questioned about crimes. The room has equipment available to document the interview on tape – both audio and visual. The police department is also equipped with a secure evidence/prep room, and a two-stall garage. This police garage has been designed so that it can securely store vehicles for evidence processing. Currently, the police department has two squad cars, a SUV, and a snowmobile for patrol use.

This is Henrich’s 34th year as part of the Winsted Police Department and has announced his retirement in Feb. 2014. He became Police Chief in 1985. Officers Heldt and Pohl are in their sixth year of employment with the city. Besides these full-time officers, the city has two reserve officers (Steve Ebert & Al Melquist) and a roster of 10 part-time officers who help provide the city with police services when needed.

Some of the programs that the Winsted Police Department is involved with include drug awareness and meth education presentations, DARE, National Night Out, child fingerprinting, a bike safety program at Holy Trinity and Winsted elementary schools, talks to students on any other safety issues the school might request, talks with the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts to enable them to earn their merit badges, and other community safety talks throughout the year.

In addition to his job as Police Chief, Henrich is also Winsted’s Emergency Management Director. As the director, he works with the Winsted City Council to have a plan in place for disaster response and for conducting at least one emergency drill a year.

Chief retires

Winsted Police Chief Mike Henrich turned in his retirement letter to the city in January 2014, with his last day on the job planned for Friday, Feb. 28.

“We’ll be sad to see him go,” Winsted City Administrator Clay Wilfahrt said at the Jan. 16 Winsted Area Chamber of Commerce meeting.

The city began the process of recruiting a new police chief in January 2014.

Chief Deputy Tim Langenfeld and Sheriff Scott Rehmann of the McLeod County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Scott Rehmann of Winsted is the 26th sheriff of McLeod County.

As the sheriff, he is the chief law enforcement officer of McLeod County and is responsible for both common and statutory law to keep and preserve the peace of the county. In addition, the sheriff is an officer of the McLeod County District Court and has charge and custody of the county jail.

McLeod County employs 25 full-time and 10 part-time deputies, who patrol an area of 503 square miles.

The county is comprised of 14 townships and nine cities, with a total population of 36,651. The county seat is Glencoe.

Major highways that run through the county include US Highway 212, and State Highways 7, 15, and 22.

Communications Division

The McLeod County Sheriff’s Communications Division acts as the public safety answering point, more commonly known to the public as the 911 emergency system answering point, for six municipalities in McLeod County.

The sheriff provides the public safety radio network for Glencoe, Brownton, Lester Prairie, Silver Lake, Stewart, and Winsted police departments, as well as fire departments and ambulances in the county.